Learn the most important words first and talk to Thai people in their own language!
A course that focuses on the vocabulary that really matters…
Dear friend,

- Do you want to learn Thai but you don’t know where to start?
- Getting frustrated because of the lack of simple but effective learning materials?
- Have you studied for some time but you don’t yet have the vocabulary to hold a decent conversation?
- Do you feel like learning to speak Thai is going to take a lifetime?

Can you relate to any of these comments?
The good news is that becoming conversational in Thai doesn’t have to take a lifetime!
In fact, you’ll be able to socialize in Thai by knowing only a few hundred words and phrases if you study the right content, the right way! 

Let us show you how...
Hi, we are Jan van der Aa and Lucas Bighetti!

We’re the founders of LanguageBoost, a website where we help people worldwide to learn foreign languages quickly. We are language consultants, coaches, creators of the Language Boo(s)tcamps and authors of the VocaBooster language courses.
Of course, we also learn languages ourselves!

A few years ago Jan wanted to learn Thai and to be honest, he struggled
After several months of almost daily study he failed miserably to hold a simple conversation with a native speaker. This caused him to lose motivation and give up.

Having studied over 10 languages each in the past decade, we have found that in order to get momentum and to become conversational quickly in another language, learning the most important vocabulary first is crucial.

But Jan had a problem when he wanted to learn Thai the first time…

Unfortunately, there were not many resources available for beginners that focus on the right vocabulary and phrases.

And that’s why we created VocaBooster Thai!

A few years later Jan went back to Thailand for another attempt to become conversational in Thai using VocaBooster… in just 21 days.
Speaking Thai after 21 days…
(Main resources used: VocaBooster Thai + speaking practice on Italki.com)
In 2018, also Lucas went to Thailand to see how much he could learn with VocaBooster. This was his result after one month:
With VocaBooster, we teach you the most important vocabulary (and how to use it), so that you can get to a conversational level as soon as possible.

Combining the words and sentences from this course will give you the ability to create a huge amount of useful sentences.

After helping many people worldwide to get conversational in almost a dozen languages, we’re now proud to announce that VocaBooster Thai is finally here!

Jan van der Aa
Lucas Bighetti
Why can some people pick up Thai so quickly?
For native English speakers learning Thai isn’t an easy job. Thai is a tonal language and the pronunciation of its numerous vowels is anything but easy. Yet some ‘’falang’’ (foreigners) manage to become conversational in a matter of months.
Are they just gifted at languages or to they have a higher IQ?

Of course, motivation plays a big role there, but even if you’re very motivated it’s easy to lose your motivation by studying random content that you can’t use in your conversations.

So what explains their success?
The 80/20 Rule
The 80/20 rule (Pareto principle) states that, 80% of our results come from only 20% of our the effort. In other words, by knowing just 20% of the vocabulary and grammar you can say 80% of what you want to say.

We found that what you study and how practice is more important than the number of years you’ve been learning a particular language.
The problems with
''Frequency lists''
Frequency lists on the internet are often generated from TV or written content that contains vocabulary not relevant for beginners.

Vocabulary is not shown in context. Learning words out of context is the most common mistake in acquiring new vocabulary and makes memorizing new words very difficult.

- You also don’t learn how the language works. It’s cool to know lots of words but even when you know many words, no one will understand you if you don’t know how to build proper sentences.

- You don’t learn how to pronounce the language.

- There are no grammar explanations.

- In order to memorize words you need to make as many associations with new words as possible. These lists lack audio and images. Learning wordlists is boring!

So what can you do?
How VocaBooster helps you to speak Thai…
With VocaBooster Thai you will be able to learn how your target language works, get familiar with the pronunciation and learn the most important words with sentences.


First, read the entire e-book. Discover the similarities between your new language and a language that you already speak. Achieve 100% comprehension of every little detail with the word-by-word translations that we’ve added. We’ve added simple grammar notes to help you understand the structure of the language. You don’t have to memorize anything yet.

The most important thing at this stage is to get a feel for the language and to understand how the language works.


Now you have an idea of how the language works, it’s time for some serious input. Read the eBook again in small chunks of 20 entries each time. Listen to the audio carefully and repeat the keywords out loud, followed by the example sentence. Try to memorize the keyword first, later you can also try to memorize the translations of the example sentences.


Once you’ve studied the content from the ebook and you’ve listened to the audio over and over again, it’s time to train your output.

Read the English words and check if you can remember the equivalent in Thai with the correct pronunciation. When you manage to memorize let’s say 50-70% of the vocabulary start from the beginning but try to translate the whole sentence into Thai.

Doing this on a daily basis for several months will eventually allow you to say the things you want to say, fluently and with confidence.
Of course, it helps if you use the vocabulary you’ve learned with tutors on a website like italki.com, just like Jan and Lucas did on their Thai mission.
VocaBooster is the result of years of learning 10+ languages, analysing, translating, worldwide in-field practice, testing, and a lot of passion.
It’s a great honor for us to finally share VocaBooster Thai with the world!
Much much does VocaBooster Thai cost?
- Most major Thai courses on the international market cost over $100
- Subscriptions to Thai products can cost up to $300
- Taking lessons online until you reach a conversational level can costs up to $500
- Flying to Thailand and enrolling in a local language school: $1500+
- Hiring a native speaker and producing your own materials does not only costs a huge amount of money, it also takes at least a year of your life. It’s also much trickier than you think! Believe us we’ve done it before 😉

Becoming conversational in Thai doesn’t have to costs a fortune.

How much is it worth for you to have product that helps you to reach a conversational level in a matter of months?
Vocabulary Flashcard Decks
Once you can understand the content by using the transcripts, translations, and word by word translations, it’s time to activate your new vocabulary!

If you buy VocaBooster today, you’ll receive an amazing bonus: Ready-made flashcard decks of all the vocabulary contained in the course, compatible with the popular flashcard app: Anki.

You will receive 3 decks, and it’s up to you which one you want to use:
– Deck with Thai script
– Deck with romanization
– Deck with IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)

Practice your output anywhere; on the bus, on the train, or walking down the street – without wasting any time making the flashcards yourself!
Join VocaBooster Thai!
Today only
One time payment
  • The most important 508 Thai words, hand picked by us with;
  • Example sentences for better memorization
  • Thai script and romanization
  • Word by word translations for comprehensible input
  • Provocative images for better memorization 
  • Short grammar notes
  • Native Audio recordings
  • Flashcard Decks with Thai Romanization
  • Flashcard Decks with Thai script
  • Flashcard Decks with Thai IPA
  • Fully downloadable – so you can learn at any time, any place, with or without internet
  • Work on any device – so you can learn in the most convenient way for you
  • Lifetime access, free upgrades – so you can keep learning for as long as you want
What others say about VocaBooster
''My favourite part about VB Thai is the presence of Romanisation with tone marks. I also found the direct translation to be very helpful to understand the structure of the language and of course the audio recording is extremely useful. It's a great course for those who want to speak Thai quickly''

Artem Nazarov, Russia 

''I must say that I am very happy with VocaBooster! I have learned German for more than a year but mainly enriching my passive vocabulary (with Assimil and LingQ). When I will have learned the 500 words and sentences, I have the feeling I will finally feel more comfortable in speaking.

Adélaïde Caudro

''VocaBooster seems to be the perfect middle ground in-between saying a few cursory words, and really going for greater fluency with Glossika being my presence for that''

Peter Pure

''First I thought, that the example sentences wouldn't have such a big impact on the learning progress, but when I realized that I started placing adverbs and pronouns in the right position just after having studied some phrases before, I knew that was effective''

Florian Araújo
We learn languages, just like you.

We’re certain that VocaBooster Thai will give you everything you need to get started learning a new language.

If you put in the work, and for any reason it doesn’t bring you the results you want, we insist you have your money back.

Just email us within 30 days of joining, and we’ll send your refund. 
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