Learn the basics of Scots, the fastest way possible! 
Interested in learning Scots?
Then we have good news for you!
Before we continue with the good news, let’s first learn a bit more about what Scots is,
where it’s spoken and how it’s different from English.

What is Scots?

Scots is one of three native languages spoken in Scotland. The other two are English and Scottish Gaelic.

Despite the fact that Scots is closely related to English, speaking Scots is not the same as speaking English with a Scottish accent. Speaking in Scots means using many words, sayings, turns of phrase, meanings, and grammar, found only in Scots.

Where do they speak Scots?

Scots is spoken in Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, and Edinburgh as well as in the Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, central Scotland, Fife, the Lothians, Tayside, Caithness, the North East and Orkney and Shetland. 

Are you planning to visit Scotland, or maybe even move there? Or maybe you’re just curious and want to learn more about the language? Learning some basic Scots can be highly rewarding.

More about the origins of Scots

The Scots language originated with the tongue of the Angles who arrived in Scotland about 600 AD. During the Middle Ages this language developed and grew apart from its sister tongue in England, until a distinct Scots language had evolved.

At one time Scots was the national language of Scotland, spoken by Scottish kings, and was used to write the official records of the country.

Scots was displaced as a national language after the political union with England, in 1707, but it has continued to be spoken and written in a number of regional varieties since that time.
The ideal course for those who want to learn Scots from scratch!

The ideal course for those who want to learn Scots from scratch!

There aren’t a lot of Scots courses out there and we found that a pity. That’s why we decided to create the ideal Scots course for beginners. We partnered up with polyglot and native speaker of Scots; Maureen F Millward.

Thanks to her and the rest of our team’s efforts, we’re proud to announce that VocaBooster Scots in now available to the world!

If you want to learn Scots fast, VocaBooster Scots is definitely one of the most effective ways to get started.
What you'll get...
Now, let us tell you exactly what you will get when you enroll;
The VocaBooster Scots eBook with:

- The most important vocabulary in Scots. We’ve added images and translations for each word for better memorization.

- Example sentences for the words that we teach. This way you learn to make sentences from the start and will better memorize the new vocabulary.

Achieve 100% comprehension of every little detail with the word-by-word translations that we’ve added.
Listen to the native audio recordings carefully and repeat the keywords out loud, followed by the example sentence.

Try to memorize the key word first, later you can also try to memorize the translations of the example sentences.
Once you’ve studied the content from the ebook and you’ve listened to the audio over and over again, it’s time to train your output.

A great way to do that is by using Anki.

We’ve included an Anki Flashcard Deck with the content of the course. This will allow you to reinforce the words and sentences that you have learned by using Anki’s Spaced Repetition System.  

These flashcard decks are a great tool to keep everything that you learn fresh in your mind and not forget it anymore!
A Unique Method!
For many years we’ve been working on a method that enables you to make your own personalized sentences in your target language from the very start.  

We believe that is method is the fastest way to reach a conversational level.

We call this method, the ‘’Min-Max-Method’’

The ‘’Min-Max-Method’’ is based on learning the most important words first and making a lot of combinations with (only) the words you’ve learned so far.
This method has the following benefits: 

- Every time you learn a new word you will be asked to use that word in combination with other words that you already know. This way you don’t just learn new words, you learn how use them in full sentences.

- Thanks to the build-in repetition system, you will be less likely to forget new words.

- With a minimum amount of input, you will to able to make the maximum amount of useful sentences, with confidence!

Remember it’s not about studying hard, it’s about studying smart.
The ‘Min Max Method’ will allow you to speak a new language from the very beginning!
Join VocaBooster Scots!
BASIC package
One time payment
  • The most important 500 words in Scots, hand picked by us with;
  • Example sentences for better memorization
  • Word by word translations for comprehensible input
  • Provocative images for better memorization
  • Short grammar notes
  • Native Audio recordings
  • Including the Scots Anki Flashcard Deck
  • Fully downloadable materials so you can learn faster – anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • Free support. We’re happy to answer all your questions related to the content of the course
  • Full 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can buy without risk today. 
Still not convinced?
If you have the feeling that VocaBooster is not meeting your expectations, just send us an email within 30 days and we’ll give you your money back.

And remember, you get lifelong access to all the materials. So, don’t worry if you’re busy and this is not a good time to get started. You can start on the course whenever you want and study at your own pace.
We learn languages, just like you.

We’re certain that VocaBooster will give you everything you need to get started learning a new language.

If you put in the work, and for any reason it doesn’t bring you the results you want, we insist you have your money back.

Just email us within 30 days of joining, and we’ll send your refund. 
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